PPG Provides Specialist Paint Training To GMSV

PPG is providing General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) with specialist paint training for key staff. With the Chevrolet Silverado truck and Corvette Stingray sports car hitting the roads in Australia, PPG said GMSV wants to ensure each one is delivered to its new owner looking its very best. Fabian Gaida, PPG Market Development Manager, said the company was happy to provide support, as it does for a variety of OEMs in the local market.

“We set up a national training programme tuned to the needs of GMSV staff, and the first session was held recently at PPG’s Victorian Training Centre where we hosted six pre-delivery / detailing team members from GMSV dealers,” Gaida said. “It was a solid day of training that started with a morning presentation where we gave an overview of what makes up the OEM paint layers.

“From there we looked at common issues they are likely to encounter, such as environmental fallout and how to finesse, along with how to conduct a thorough paintwork inspection and assessment.”

PPG Victoria / Tasmania Training Manager Ray England also introduced the GMSV team to a range of high productivity products from Mirka, including Polarshine polishes and the company’s range of electric tools.

“The guys were hands-on as they were schooled in the best practice standard procedures for effective polishing and rectifying of paintwork to a high level,” Gaida said. “In addition, they were also provided with detailed information about common environmental contaminations such as tar, animal faeces, and tree sap, and the best way to tackle them. The GMSV team were very appreciative and enthusiastic about building on their new skillset.”

The national training programme will now head to Queensland, with the other states to follow.