PPG Launches ‘Dual-Cure’ UV/IR Lamp

PPG says its new ‘dual-cure’ UV/IR lamp unit combines the latest UV LED and infrared curing technologies, letting you choose the most effective solution for each job. Instead of two individual units taking up valuable workshop space, the dual-cure UV/IR lamp unit packages both technologies into one.

PPG says that where the conventional IR lamps give a very good spread of curing capability, the UV LEDs also provide curing over an area approximately the size of an A3 sheet of paper. As a result, even larger jobs can take advantage of the speed offered by the latest UV primer formulations such as PPG’s UV8080, which the company says offers many advantages including the ability to cure in as little as three minutes.

Each dual cure UV/IR lamp unit also includes an additional built-in hand-held UV LED lamp, which PPG says is perfect for smaller jobs or targeting hard-to-reach areas. According to the company, it’s possible to use the main head for UV or IR curing at the same time as using the portable UV LED lamp.

PPG says the unit features durable, high-quality components, long-lasting LED lamp technology, has been designed to handle workshop life, and has passed an extensive local testing programme.

The dual cure UV/IR lamp unit is now available from PPG distributors.