PPG Launches Automotive And Industrial Paint Films Solutions

PPG will deliver paint and clear film solutions for automotive and industrial customers through PPG Advanced Surface Technologies, a new joint venture formed with Entrotech, a provider of technology-driven film solutions. PPG retains a majority stake in the joint venture, though specific financial and ownership terms were not disclosed.

Paint films are multi-layer applications in which at least one layer is made from paint. PPG says they provide a range of environmental benefits, including lower energy consumption and new aesthetic options. The technology is currently used for automotive applications and has potential applications across a range of industrial end-users.

“This joint venture will position our portfolio of paint films products for accelerated commercialisation, offering customers innovative products with high performance and significant sustainability benefits,” said Tim Knavish, President and Chief Executive Officer of PPG. “This venture will be positioned for rapid global expansion aligned to PPG’s portfolio.”

PPG established its paint films capabilities in 2021 with the acquisition of Woerwag, a Germany-based coatings supplier providing film products for a variety of automotive parts and panels. The joint venture will consist of:

  • The PPG Woerwag film assets
  • The automotive films business of Entrotech, which includes automotive clear protective films and the Aero Sustainable Material Technology line of paint films

The company’s patented and patent-pending technologies were first developed in 2007 for motorsport and other applications. In 2019, Aero films were first used on commercial automotive vehicle exteriors. The company has since further developed the technology for potential use in commercial transportation, marine, construction and other areas in which PPG operates.

“We are excited to join the global PPG family through this joint venture,” said Jim McGuire, Entrotech founder and CEO. “This agreement builds on a long collaboration, as we use PPG paint products to create our paint films. We look forward to expanding our reach globally with the PPG paint films team through this partnership.”


Australia: PPG Australia was contacted for comment, but the company could not confirm any details about local plans.