PPG Introduces Next Generation Deltron Paint System

The transition to new global branding has provided PPG with the opportunity to introduce next-generation primers, clearcoats, thinners, hardeners and additives to the Deltron paint system.

While the tinter formulations and current tinter number system remain the same, PPG says the comprehensive update has added more flexibility, productivity and speed across the board.

Even though the updated Deltron paint system comes with global technology, PPG’s commitment to local manufacturing ensures the system continues to be made locally from high quality raw materials formulated by the R&D team within PPG’s Clayton headquarters.

As part of the process – which involved customer feedback – the products have been specifically tuned to meet local needs in terms of application, performance and long-term durability. For example, the clearcoats have been formulated with plenty of UV absorber to help them cope with harsh local conditions.

PPG says a lot of thought also went into the new global branding, declaring it logical, clear and convenient for painters. Each product type now uses a different colour, as well as product codes that feature two letters followed by three numbers. The first letter is ‘D’ for Deltron, while the second indicates the product type: C – Clearcoat, P – Primer, H – Hardener, T – Thinner, and A – Additive. This logical labelling continues for hardeners and thinners where the last two digits of the product code signify the temperature/speed that it’s intended to be used at. For example, ‘20’ is medium range designed for 20°C to 30°C, or spot repairs at high temperatures.

PPG says that more than ever, the new generation thinners and hardeners are a key feature of the Deltron paint system. Most of the thinners and hardeners (in a variety of temperature ranges) are shared across nearly all the primers and clearcoats. As well as being convenient, it also keeps the entire Deltron paint system compact and reduces customer stock holdings.

In addition, a specialised thinner now provides the option for an accelerated mode which can be used on all three clearcoats and some primers when a job needs to be pushed through quickly.

PPG says the new primer formulations give repairers the ability to tackle any job or substrate with speed and efficiency. As well as the convenience of sharing thinners and hardeners across most of the range, the products also provide excellent Wet-On-Wet (WOW) options and spectral grey shades to help improve topcoat coverage.

The primer range includes:

  • DP618 PrimaBUILD
  • DP602 PrimaPRIME
  • DP620 PrimaSEAL
  • DP612 EtchPRIME
  • DP614 EpoxyPRIME
  • DP616 EpoxyTHANE
  • PrimaGUARD (DP621 PrimaGUARD G1, DP625 PrimaGUARD G5, DP627 PrimaGUARD G7)

To provide the finishing touch, three new clear coats provide an option for every application. In addition to easily recognised naming, all these clearcoats share thinners, hardeners and mixing ratios. There is the option of an accelerated mode (down to as little as 15-minute bake time) by using a specific thinner.

The clearcoat range includes:

  • DC501 OptiCLEAR
  • DC516 GenCLEAR
  • DC527 SprintCLEAR

The new Deltron primers, clearcoats, hardeners, thinners and additives will be arriving soon and will be noticeable thanks to the fresh branding, while the tinter range will switch to new branding once existing stock runs out. While a new look is the giveaway, PPG says customers will quickly find that the updated Deltron paint system gives them everything they need in a proven solvent-borne solution that maximises performance, productivity, ease of use and dependability.

For further information contact your local PPG representative.