PPG Introduces MVP Peer Performance Groups To Explore Better Business Ideas

PPG has added MVP Peer Performance Groups to its long-running MVP Business Solutions programme, giving body shop owners and managers regular opportunities to meet to develop ideas aimed at improving business performance.

“Whenever the MVP Business Solutions team has run group sessions in the past, we have noticed how the participants tend to feed off each other and use that positive energy to develop new ideas and solutions,” said Greg Tunks, MVP Solutions Manager ANZ. “Choosing to be a member of an MVP Peer Performance Group will give collision repairers regular exposure to ideas and concepts focused on improving performance across the full spectrum of business activities.”

PPG is planning to host MVP Peer Performance Groups across Australia and each group will be guided by one of the company’s experienced MVP Business Solutions Managers. Each meeting will be themed, though members will determine the topics to be discussed.

“For example, it might be about developing a traffic plan, better estimating, workplace health and safety, minimising cycle-time, etc.,” said Tunks. “As a result, it will give group members the unique opportunity to discuss strategies and share experiences on a vast range of business boosting subjects.

“Afterwards, the individual repairers can take that new knowledge back to their business and begin making upgrades. During that process, they will have the ongoing support of their MVP Business Solutions Manager. At following meetings, there will be the opportunity to share results and discuss potential refinements, as a way of ensuring it becomes a continuous improvement process.

“For those looking to join an MVP Peer Performance Group, it’s as simple as contacting your MVP Business Solutions Manager to reserve a place. It’s also important to understand that members are not locked [in] – it’s up to you to decided how often you attend,” added Tunks.