PPG Develops Rainbow Paint Scheme For Unique Mini

PPG Develops Rainbow Paint Scheme For Unique Mini

British limited edition vehicle manufacturer, David Brown Automotive, recently challenged paint supplier PPG to develop a method of applying a rainbow of colours on one car.

Commissioned by a David Brown Automotive customer, the rainbow colour scheme was applied to one of the company’s Mini Remastered vehicles. Based on the iconic Mini design, the Mini Remastered is one of only a few David Brown Automotive luxury models.

Described by the customer as a “technical feat”, the scheme involved the development of seven new colours, a gold-tinted lacquer and a special, hand-painted fade between each colour split.

PPG said it worked hand-in-hand with David Brown Automotive designers throughout the development process to produce a colour scheme the customer intended as a note of “positivity” in a challenging time for all people around the world.

According to PPG, since it first partnered with David Brown Automotive in 2013, its Stowmarket colour team has created 102 customised colours for the Silverstone-based company.

“Every colour is unique and has been styled with huge attention to detail in order to meet the customer’s specification,” said David Rossiter, Colour Operations Manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at PPG.

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PPG said that while each colour presents its own challenge, the rainbow request was unique “in a whole new way.”

“It was not a request that we had heard before,” added Rossiter. “We were tasked with producing not only a colour scheme to represent a rainbow, but also a technical process to pull the concept together. We were able to provide both and we even managed a subtle, yet special effect to give the final colour that wow factor.”

PPG said Rossiter and the Stowmarket team are looking forward to continuing the partnership with David Brown Automotive to create additional unique vehicles that appeal to buyers who “appreciate handcrafted luxury, engineering and colour”.