PPG Adds MagicBox And LINQ Color To Digital Paint Shop Management Offering

PPG is rolling out two new technologies, MagicBox and LINQ Color, as part of the company’s ‘digital eco-system’.

Despite its small size, PPG said MagicBox is a powerful piece of electronic hardware. Once configured to a body shop’s router or Wi-Fi system, it provides a clever gateway that wirelessly connects the paint shop computer, spectrophotometer, and scales, allowing information to seamlessly flow between them.

MagicBox came from the team at PPG Australia’s headquarters in Clayton, Victoria, which built a series of prototypes to prove the concept. After recognising the potential, PPG’s Digital Customer Experience team refined the technology and prepared it for the global market.

“With MagicBox, only the scales need to be in the paint mixing room,” said PPG. “This removes clutter and frees up more space because the spectro, computer, and wiring can be placed in any convenient location outside the mixing room. Workflow is also streamlined. Spectro readings are wirelessly transferred to the computer via MagicBox and, when the colour formulation is chosen on computer, that information is also wirelessly transferred to the scales for mixing. MagicBox is available via a very reasonable monthly subscription and, in most instances, will not require an upgrade to the mixing room computer, scales, etc.”

According to PPG, the LINQ Color digital colour platform elevates the company’s PaintManager XI colour retrieval system to an “all-new level”.

“With one easy move, PPG customers can now step up to a thoroughly modern, easy to access and use, cloud-based solution. As a result, LINQ Color can be accessed 24/7, anywhere there is an internet connection, just like other services that have moved to the cloud such as internet banking and many collision centre management systems. This ensures all colour formulations, variants, specials, etc. within LINQ Color are up to the minute at all times,” said PPG.

“No installation is required – simply visit the LINQ Color website and go through the straightforward registration process. Once logged on, you will find an enhanced user interface with improved functionality, along with a richer graphical representation of colours, etc. – something which will be particularly handy for users of the innovative VisualizID 3D colour visualisation software. These features are combined with a logical and very intuitive workflow, so using LINQ Color to make confident colour selections at anytime and anywhere quickly becomes second nature.”

PPG said LINQ Color’s cloud-based technology also minimises downtime. For example, it can be accessed on any suitable internet-capable device, such as a tablet, smartphone or PC, meaning that if internet access fails, LINQ Color can still be used via a mobile network. Additionally, LINQ Color is isolated from computer issues such as hardware failures, and any potential technical issues can be resolved with support from the remote PPG helpdesk.

For more information about MagicBox or LINQ Color, speak to your PPG Territory Manager or the PPG Customer Service Hotline on 13 24 24.