Porsche Approves Celette For 911 Carrera Repair

Porsche North America has selected Celette’s Cameleon Premium Universal Fixture System for the collision repair of its 2020 911 Carrera (992) and future models.

Celette says the Cameleon system integrates with all Celette benches and jigging systems on the market now, offering an accurate solution for collision repairers across most makes and models of vehicles.

“We’re pleased to have met the high standards that Porsche places on the repair of their vehicles,” said Robert Stevenson, North America Business and Technical Manager at Celette. “The precision required by the Porsche certified collision centres can now be met with a product that supports the repair and their commitment to customer service.”

Celette says the universal nature of Cameleon revolutionises repair efficiency by eliminating the need for purchasing or rental of dedicated fixtures, which offers several benefits:

  • Rental fixture availability no longer affects repair cycle time
  • Eliminates downtime for fixture shipment
  • Reduces cost to the consumer in rental, shipment and handling fees associated with dedicated fixtures
  • Reduces negotiation friction between repairs and insurers
  • Instantly integrates with any Celette bench in the market
  • The system can be used with any brand of vehicle in the database

“Repairers can now take the accuracy and speed of fixture-based measurement and repairs and apply it to [almost] any vehicle in their shop with one premium kit,” said Stevenson.

Robert Stevenson