ON Trak Workshop Management Software Now Available Worldwide

Boss Australia Services has gone global following finetuning of its ON Trak workshop scheduling and planning software programme, allowing it to function worldwide.

“Chris Low (Master Software Programmer) has delivered on my request and my dream to add code to the programme that allows us to deploy, in live time, ON Trak on a global level,” said Alan Shotton, Director of Boss Australia Services. “Chris has written code that allows for local time zone usage of the ON Trak programme no matter what country you are in.”

Shotton said ON Trak is a web-based programme, accessible on mobile devices, that allows business owners and managers to see the technicians’ work plan and historical production results in live time.

“Techs will often have an iPad on their toolboxes with their workflow list viewable. They simply go from one job to the next in order of what you have planned for them [and] their personal targets to ensure you are making the right labour gross profit,” he said.

According to Shotton, ON Trak was born from a desire to reduce work-related travel.

“I have been consulting to the collision repair industry for over 19 years and during this time, as you can imagine, I’ve covered many, many miles travelling from one shop to another, week after week,” he said. “One year I recall travelling for around 38 weeks, being some place other than home working and being away from family and friends, either throughout Australia or overseas working.”

Around five years ago, Kristy Baptista, Director of ON Trak Marketing, and Shotton decided to build the manual Boss ticketing system into a web-based planner that could be used by any shop, anytime, in any place, allowing Shotton to travel less while still delivering services and knowledge to his clients.

“Anyone that has ever built, or had anything to do with, software will know that five years goes by in the blink of an eye and we now have ON Trak users in Australia, New Zealand and the USA who have all taken the step towards labour planning and dedicating time to make sure they have a team of technicians who know the value of their time in their workplace,” Shotton said.