Norton Prep It! 2021 Apprentice Competition Winners Announced

Saint-Gobain has announced the Grand Prize winners of the Norton Prep It! apprentice competition conducted last year.

The first-place prize of a $2000 gift card and Norton AAM Tubs went to Mercedes Gaida, a third-year apprentice attending Kangan Institute in Victoria and employed by Royans Truck and Trailer Repairs.

Second place and a $500 gift card went to Dean Hutchinson, a fourth-year apprentice also from Kangan Institute and employed by Barker Trailers, while third place and a $250 gift card went to Jesse Munden, a first-year apprentice attending MTA SA and employed by Autocraft Collision Repairs.

Saint-Gobain said the Prep It! apprentice competition was designed to showcase the skill and knowledge the apprentices learn throughout their training, using sanding techniques from bare metal through to polishing.

Entrants could use any Norton product from the automotive range to prepare the panel for entry in the competition. Best monthly entries from February to December 2021 received a $200 gift card with runner-up entrants receiving a $50 gift card.

The competition is now closed.