New DNA Custom Paints Fluorescent Basecoats

DNA Custom Paints says that customer feedback has led to a new range of Fluorescent Basecoats being released. After many emails, phone calls and requests for fluorescent colours, DNA has now released its latest custom creation for 2016. Five new fluorescent colour basecoats – Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Pink – have been added to the ever growing range of Australian-made custom paints. The new fluorescent basecoats are high quality, easy to use and affordable.
DNA Technical & Training Manager Josh Schuster says that fluorescent paints are now in great demand and the company is proud to be the specialist paint company in Australia that tooled up and delivered. Schuster particularly points to the boating industry, mentioning that safety rules in Australia require all racing helmets used on water to be fluorescent red in colour.
The new Fluorescent Basecoat colours are comprised of a semi-transparent basecoat that is applied over a white groundcoat to achieve the fluorescent colour effect. They are available in one litre cans online and from all DNA Custom Paint distributors.
For more information contact DNA Custom Paints on 03 9764 2088, or visit