New Commodore Series II

Living up to Holden’s tagline ‘go better’, Commodore drivers can look forward to a range of performance improvements, with the vehicle running on petrol or bio-ethanol, as well as the clever new Holden-iQ touch-screen infotainment system on every model.
Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux said Holden was making advanced technology and sustainable performance available to Commodore buyers across the range.
“We’re listening and we know Australians want better performance – but better performance doesn’t mean going faster in a straight line,” Mr Devereux said.
“Better performance means driving more efficiently, more sustainably and the addition of simple-to-use technology that makes driving safe and fun at the same time. Series II makes these features available to every buyer across the Commodore range.”
All Commodores now feature Holden-iQ, a 6.5 inch colour LCD touch-screen infotainment system with Bluetooth®, wireless, cable and USB connectivity for music and mobiles.
In a major step forward, Holden also offers drivers the choice to fill-up on a locally produced alternative fuel. Commodore models powered by the 3.0 litre SIDI V6 and 6.0 litre V8 engines are flex-fuel capable. They can run either on petrol or bio-ethanol, a blend of up to 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent petrol, commonly known as E85. The 3.6 litre SIDI V6 engine will also be flex-fuel compatible by 2012.
“Drivers can fill up with petrol as they normally would, or fill-up with bio-ethanol. Giving people this choice is an important and immediate way that Holden can help people reduce their environmental impact when it comes to driving.”
Caltex will sell the new fuel under the name Bio E-Flex at 31 service stations in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide by the end of October and increasing to 100 sites in 2011.
“We estimate 90 per cent of flex-fuel vehicle owners will live within a 10 kilometre radius of a Bio E-Flex pump, making renewable fuel mainstream for the first time Australia. And when they choose Bio E-Flex, they can feel good about reducing their CO2 driving emissions by around 40 per cent,” Devereux said.