MVIRI Committee Responds To Independent Review

The Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry (MVIRI) Code of Conduct Committee (CAC) says it has made significant progress in response to the independent review conducted by Dr Michael Schaper.

The CAC has finalised a brief for a rewrite of the code and formally sought legal advice regarding governance options to external parties who will report back to the committee in early 2024.

“Dr Schaper’s review called for improvements to the code which would see it simplified, while remaining legally rigorous. To this end, the CAC has sought input from external advisors,” said Stephen Jenkins, MVIRI CAC Chair.

“The review also called for the appointment of an independent chair and deputy chair, as well as clarifying the committee’s governance and voting.

“It is prudent the committee is informed with sound legal advice to ensure reform of the code achieves the best possible outcomes for all industry participants.”

In response to Schaper’s recommendation and industry feedback to update the code website, the committee is also working on improvements to the user experience.