MVIRI Code Of Conduct Administration Committee Progresses Response To Independent Review

The Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry (MVIRI) Code of Conduct Committee (CAC) has commenced work to update and strengthen the Code in response to Dr Michael Schaper’s independent review.

The CAC has established priority actions, which include:

  1. A rewrite of the MVIRI Code of Conduct to improve readability and accessibility
  2. Considering options for enhancing Code governance
  3. Efforts towards greater promotion and education of the Code, as well as engagement with stakeholders.

The CAC said positive discussion has commenced in relation to the first two priorities, with further meetings planned to progress the body of work.

Schaper’s report provided 15 recommendations in response to the review’s terms of reference, which focused on:

  1. The effectiveness of dispute resolution processes under the MVIRI Code
  2. Awareness and accessibility of the Code
  3. Compliance with the Code
  4. Governance of the Code and the CAC
  5. Other issues pertinent to the effective governance and operation of the Code

According to the CAC, a range of stakeholders was consulted in the review process, including government bodies, regulators such as small business commissioners, members of the Code Administration Committee, and the insurance and repair industry.

A copy of Schaper’s report can be found on the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct website.