MTA SA / NT Programme Helps Motorists Identify Qualified EV Repairers

The Motor Trade Association of SA / NT (MTA SA / NT) has introduced a new EV-branded business sign to assure South Australians that their local body repairer or mechanical shop is qualified to work on their vehicle.

Automotive professionals selling, servicing, and repairing EVs require specific skills, but the MTA SA / NT says that until now, there has not been a way to independently verify their expertise.

To be accredited with the new ‘EV Ready’ sign, a business will be required to adhere to safety and workshop equipment standards as well as having completed a relevant MTA electric vehicle training course.

“More and more South Australians are choosing to drive an electric vehicle and it is important motorists have certainty that it will be adequately serviced or repaired,” said Darrell Jacobs, CEO of the MTA SA / NT.

“As second-hand EVs become more common, approved mechanics will also be able to advise potential buyers of the condition of the EV battery.

“Motorists may likewise want to maintain their EV in good condition with a regular service history for later resale.”

The MTA SA / NT says issues with electric vehicles can be harder to identify and less obvious. Unlike traditional engine problems, EVs can require advanced scanning and diagnostic tools.

There are also associated safety risks present in an electric vehicle which motorists and the automotive industry alike have not previously had to consider.

“Electric vehicles are different, and it is important that motorists, automotive industry operators, and our first responders are aware of the dangers and technology involved,” said Jacobs.

Ultra Tune Golden Grove and Modbury owner David Banning says he wants to be prepared to service whatever car comes through his workshops.

In addition to undertaking the accredited EV training, Banning invested in relevant safety equipment and digital scanning tools.

“Electric vehicles are only in their infancy but it’s important for us as a business to be ahead of the game,” said Banning.

According to the latest figures, South Australian electric vehicle sales increased this year by almost 400 per cent and represent 5.5 per cent of all new sales, up from just 0.45 in 2021. Additionally, three EV models are now priced under $40,000 for the first time in Australia.