MTA SA / NT Launches Blended Training Model

The Motor Trades Association of South Australia and Northern Territory (MTA SA / NT) has officially launched its blended training model, which combines institutional learning with workplace assessment.

According to the MTA SA / NT, the model was developed in consultation with association members and industry, focusing on skill shortages, training downtime, and integration between training and the workplace. The model seeks to increase efficiency, improve trainer-employer communications and engagement, and return more of the apprentice’s time to the workplace.

“The new training model roll-out has been a huge success and well-received by trainers, apprentices, and employers,” said Jodi Ryan, General Manager Apprenticeships. “There has been an absolute hive of activity and excitement down at the Royal Park Automotive Skills and Careers Centre. The students are really impressed with how easily accessible their course content is through the new learning system and Ready Skills App.”

The MTA SA / NT says that having apprentices access online learning content and undertake learning activities at their workplace means there is greater capacity at the association’s training centre, allowing the MTA SA / NT to increase its training capacity and address current and future skill shortages facing the industry.

“It will improve workforce capacity and productivity by having apprentices spend more time at businesses, and blends institutional learning with workplace assessments to provide them with a broader skill set,” said Darrell Jacobs, MTA SA / NT CEO.

John Siciliano from MTA SA / NT member business Axle Co Mechanical says he is a strong advocate of the new blended model of training. “Ultimately, the less I lose my apprentices, the better.”

Siciliano is investing in his apprentices because he wants to train them to be leaders and stay with the business.

“Axle Co Mechanical is bigger than just [me] now. Customers are calling and asking for Dominic and Liam (two MTA SA / NT apprentices employed at Axle Co Mechanical). I rely on my apprentices a lot and I can’t have them tied up at the training centre constantly. With their dedicated trainer visiting every four to six weeks, it will also keep me more informed around what my apprentices are learning on a weekly basis,” he said.

According to the MTA SA / NT, the programme represents a pivotal moment in its training history. “This new approach to automotive apprentice training will ensure we keep growing, protecting, and supporting the automotive industry through our efforts to adequately equip the next generation of automotive mechanics and technicians with the skills-set to thrive in a rapidly evolving environment,” the organisation said.