MTA SA / NT Careers Event Helps Plug Skills Shortages

The Motor Trade Association SA / NT (MTA SA / NT) automotive careers event focused on the opportunities available across the industry with a range of live demonstrations and interactive displays and activities.

In response to persisting skills shortages, the MTA SA / NT said it invited more schools than ever before to attend the open day, with more than 400 high school students and young people visiting the association’s state-of-the-art Training and Employment Centre in Adelaide over three days.

“Skills shortages are the first, second, and third largest challenge facing the automotive industry,” said Darrell Jacobs, CEO of the MTA SA / NT.

“We have been blown away by the feedback and interest in our wide range of rewarding career opportunities.

“Demand for trades has never been greater and young people today have strong employment prospects upon completion of their automotive apprenticeship.”

According to Jacobs, the event was also the first-time prospective apprentices at an MTA SA / NT open day could explore a dedicated electric vehicle training centre.

The association recently launched its dedicated EV workshop, which features several of the latest vehicles including the Hyundai Ioniq 6, Kia Nero, and BYD Atto 3, along with insulated workshop tools, hoists, and safety equipment.

“Electric vehicles are growing in popularity but without a qualified automotive workforce this transition will not be possible,” said Jacobs.

“The automotive industry equally has an opportunity to attract a whole new range of people who may never have considered an apprenticeship before to work on cars with the latest technology and advanced electronics.”

In addition to tours and demonstrations, hands-on activities at the event included vehicle spray painting and a pit stop tyre change challenge.

The MTA SA / NT reached a major milestone of 1000 apprentices in training earlier this year, attributing the achievement to its new integrated training model.