MTA SA / NT Calls On NT Election Candidates To Embrace Automotive Priorities

The MTA SA / NT has unveiled its 2024 Northern Territory Election Charter and called on all parties and candidates to support the local automotive industry. Known as ‘Driving the NT Forward’, the charter identifies four key policy pillars – automotive transformation, skills, cost of business and taxation, and legislative reform.

MTA SA / NT CEO Darrell Jacobs said that with around one in five new cars sold in the Northern Territory either an electric or hybrid vehicle, the industry was experiencing rapid transition. “Businesses need to be prepared for whatever vehicle enters the workshop – that is why we have recommended financial support for reskilling, charging infrastructure and updated tooling,” he said.

“We also know that Territorians love their utes and 4x4s, and that is why the MTA recommends incentives for hybrid and plug-in hybrids given the high cost of fully electric variants.”

Facing ongoing skill shortages across all automotive trades, the document prioritises skills, training and migration as diverse solutions. “Young apprentices deserve the very best automotive training to prepare them for the workforce. We want to see automotive training at CDU TAFE thrive and we should reward them when they get it right,” said Jacobs.

Targeted attraction strategies are also recommended to recruit more skilled workers into automotive. “We want to grow the pie through school engagement, skilled migration initiatives and by reducing the cost to give mature age apprentices a fair go,” added Jacobs.

With the impacts of crime weighing on the industry, the MTA SA / NT has recommended more financial support in the BizSecure Business Security Assistance Program to allow businesses to protect their employees, sites and assets.

According to the association, the Northern Territory automotive industry contributes more than $500 million to the economy through more than 700 businesses employing more than 4,000 Territorians.

The 2024 Northern Territory election is scheduled for Saturday 24 August.