MTA NSW Welcomes Funding Of EV Infrastructure But Wants Clarity On New Technology Training

The Motor Trader’s Association of New South Wales has praised the state government’s funding of EV infrastructure announced in the 2024 budget.

According to the MTA NSW, the NSW Government will invest $149 million to co-fund EV fast chargers, $105 million to support businesses to purchase EV and charging infrastructure, $20 million to co-fund EV chargers at regional tourist destinations, $10 million for kerbside EV chargers in metro NSW, and $10 million to co-fund EV-ready facilities in apartment buildings. The government will also provide a further $263.5 million for the rollout of an updated EV strategy.

The MTA also welcomed a $100 rebate for first- and second-year apprentices to assist with motor vehicle registration, a small business tax exemption for insurances including commercial vehicle, professional indemnity and product liability (costing $95 million), and an additional allocation of $5 million in Services NSW Business Bureau funding. A $28.6 million commitment for the heavy vehicle rest area programme and an extension of the Energy Bill Relief Fund were also well received.

However, the MTA NSW said there is a lack of clarity regarding the funding for upskilling the automotive workforce in new technologies, and no new announcements were made to address the skills shortage in the automotive sector in the state.

“We are pleased to see that some of our recommendations from the MTA NSW budget submission have been incorporated, specifically the investments in EV infrastructure and the continued commitment to training the future automotive workforce. These are steps in the right direction for our industry’s evolution,” said the MTA NSW.

“However, there remains ambiguity regarding the allocation of certain funds. MTA NSW will persist in our advocacy efforts, ensuring that necessary funding is secured to upskill our entire workforce, with a keen focus on emerging technologies.

“Additionally, the budget introduces new tax concessions for small business owners, which we believe will provide some relief and support during these tough times.

“We are also optimistic about collaborating with the government on a revised EV strategy, which will further enhance our industry’s transition to new and sustainable technologies.”