MTA NSW Rolls Out Advertising Campaign To Boost Apprenticeship Numbers

The Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales (MTA NSW) has launched a new advertising campaign, called ‘Learn An Auto Trade In The Real World’, designed to showcase the association’s unique on-site training programmes and inspire the next generation of workers.

Using a multi-faceted approach to connect with a wider audience of prospective apprentices, parents, and career guidance professionals within schools, the campaign aims to elevate automotive careers and establish MTA Training as the ideal starting point for aspiring automotive professionals.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Targeted digital advertising: Online advertisements and audio spots designed to reach the audience across relevant websites and streaming services.
  • Strategic billboards: High-traffic billboards near educational institutions, showcasing the campaign message and capturing the attention of young individuals looking for career options.
  • AI-powered ad delivery: Use of advanced artificial intelligence to tailor the message and ensure the right people see the ads at the most impactful times.
  • Bus advertising: Targeted bus ad placements along key routes to amplify the campaign message across high-impact areas.
  • Engaging radio spots: ‘Catchy’ and informative radio spots to raise awareness of the top-quality training model offered by the MTA NSW.

The MTA NSW said the campaign, which runs until June, also serves as a reminder to existing businesses of the association’s commitment to “delivering exceptional training solutions”. “By working together, we can build a future for the dynamic automotive industry with a strong foundation of highly skilled and qualified professionals,” said the association.