MTA NSW Launches Jobs Board To Tackle Skills Shortage

The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) has announced the launch of its own automotive jobs board, an initiative it says will address some of the sector’s most pressing workforce issues.

Designed to function similarly to popular employment platforms but without the clutter of jobs from unrelated occupations, the platform is automotive-specific and caters to the needs of job seekers and automotive businesses. School leavers, apprentices, and skilled automotive professionals can create a profile showcasing their qualifications and experience, helping businesses streamline the process of filling vacant roles.

The MTA NSW said that as the automotive sector continues to grapple with a shortage of approximately 38,000 skilled professionals, the platform will act as a much-needed step toward bridging the talent gap that is affecting so many businesses in the sector.

Stavros Yallouridis, CEO of the MTA NSW, said the initiative was a move in the right direction for an industry where 80 per cent of occupations have been on the skills priority list for more than five years.

“This platform marks a significant leap forward for the automotive industry. We’re investing significantly to attract new entrants to the workforce, as well as advocating strongly to the government to fund VET placements and make the industry attractive for school leavers,” said Yallouridis.

The initiative comes after MTA NSW advocated for the state government to address issues affecting the automotive industry, such as apprenticeship dropout rates and a greater need for funding as the industry evolves.

The association has also called for employers to better understand how they can bring apprentices onto shop floors quickly to address the skills shortage. The MTA said its jobs board will facilitate this by allowing school leavers and apprentices the ability to make a profile and connect with employers directly.

“Our jobs board will help to take the pressure off employers and automotive workers, but collaboration with the government – both at state and federal levels – is essential to secure the talent pipeline needed for the future,” said Yallouridis.

The association said it hopes the platform will demonstrate the level of innovation needed to fortify the sector against mounting challenges.

The MTA NSW jobs board platform can be accessed at