Mitsubishi Outlander – Forward Collision Mitigation system, awarded by Euro NCAP

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s Forward Collision Mitigation system* (FCM) – fitted to the New Generation Outlander – is the latest advanced safety system acknowledged by Euro NCAP through its “Advanced Rewards”.

Safety benefit

Whether avoidance, crash or post-crash, advanced technologies define today’s frontier in the development of safer car and since 2010, Euro NCAP Advanced have rewarded and recognised car manufacturers which made available new safety technologies demonstrating a scientifically proven safety benefit for consumers and society.

For each technology nominated by a car manufacturer, Euro NCAP assigns a panel of objective experts who review evidence provided by the said manufacturer. Through logical and rigorous analysis of the way in which the technology has been developed, tested and validated, and from any real-world experience that may exist, the system’s performance and its expected effectiveness can be determined. Where a strong case is made, Euro NCAP will reward the technology, such as today with Mitsubishi Motors’ FCM.

5-star Outlander

A further testimony of Mitsubishi’s contribution to a safer driving environment, the FCM system (see below description) was first introduced in 2012 with the 5-star Euro NCAP awarded Outlander, together with other advanced safety features such as Adaptive Cruise Control* (ACC) system and Lane Departure Warning* (LDW) system – to be later deployed on future models as well.

As Euro NCAP stated: “Mitsubishi Motors’ Forward Collision Mitigation system rewarded by Euro NCAP is an example that some car manufacturers are making efforts to help us further reduce accidents and casualties on the roads by providing consumers with Autonomous Emergency Braking systems.”

Together with ACC and LDW, the Euro NCAP-awarded FCM system complements Mitsubishi’s continuous development of its various safety-related initiatives and innovations, whether for its proprietary RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution).structure**, the fine-tuning of active safety-related areas or the regular introduction of new passive safety features.

*Availability may vary according to market and model

* *Mitsubishi Motors’ RISE is a uni-body design that brings dramatic  advances in multi-directional impact safety performance. In essence, RISE is meant to disperse energy loads during side and rear crashes and controls distortion, enhancing occupant protection and also helping to protect the fuel system during a rear impact


Forward Collision Mitigation system* (FCM)

The FCM system – using the same 77 GHz radar used by the Adaptive Cruise Control system – detects obstacles on the road in front of the Outlander and will automatically apply the brakes when necessary to help prevent a collision or to help reduce the severity of a collision.

When the possibility of a front collision arises, the driver is warned through a buzzer and a light in the instrument panel.  The FCM will also increase the brake pressure in the circuit.

If the driver then hits the brakes, the Brake Assist function will activate earlier than normal.

When the risk of a collision becomes highly possible, a two-stage Automatic Braking function is engaged:

  • First stage: low braking pressure is automatically applied prompting the driver to avoid the collision.
  • Second stage: high braking pressure is automatically applied to help mitigate or avoid the collision.

FCM can help avoiding a collision when the car is driving at less than 30km/h and the system detects a stationary object.  With respect to other moving vehicles, FCM can also help to avoid a collision when the speed difference between the vehicle being detected and the Outlander is less than 30 km/h.  Where the speed difference is greater than 30 km/h, FCM cannot help prevent a collision, but can help to reduce the severity of that collision.

* The FCM system cannot cover all driving and traffic situations, all types of objects, or all weather and road conditions.

*The FCM system cannot detect all vehicles.  FCM works best detecting passenger size or larger vehicles.