Mirka Updates Australian Polarshine Range

Mirka has upgraded its Polarshine range to further improve performance and efficiency.


Replacing Polarshine 35 polishing compound, Polarshine 45 is a coarse, fast-cutting compound developed to help reduce polishing process time, yet still achieve a deep gloss finish. Available in one-litre and 250-millilitre bottles, Polarshine 45 is particularly targeted at hard surfaces and coatings, especially automotive ultra-high solid coatings and the marine sector. It is effective for production and restoration processes.

“In contrast to other compounds that simply fill scratches, Polarshine 45 actually removes deep sanding scratches and finer imperfections, quickly and permanently,” Mirka said.


Polarshine 12 polishing compound is a water-based and silicone-free product that replaces Polarshine 15 polishing compound. According to Mirka, the product delivers a highly effective, one-step solution that brings colour to life by removing scratches from P2000 or finer, depending on the surface and polishing pad. It has been specifically formulated for a perfect balance between speed of cut versus effective removal of surface imperfections, such as de-nibbing and sanding scratches, and to avoid haze and hologram issues.

Polarshine 12 comes in a black compound for tackling darker colours and a white compound for lighter colours. Both colour polishes are available in one-litre and 250-millilitre packaging.


Made from a reticulated foam with a strong balance of elasticity and softness, this new pad features a waffle shape with an optimised pattern, offering improved cutting performance, reduced surface temperature during polishing, and long-lasting durability. Mirka said the Black Waffle foam polishing pad is especially suited to polishing darker colours in combination with Polarshine 12 black polishing compound.

A full range of Polarshine products is available at your authorised Mirka distributor.