Mirka Launches Solutions Trolley In Australia

PPG says the new Mirka Solutions Trolley combines clever design and simplicity, driving efficiency. Ideal for panel shops, paint preparation bays, and detailing areas, the trolley is constructed of sturdy materials to absorb the ‘rough and tumble’ of workshop life and is designed to place everything at your fingertips.

The trolley has space to fit Mirka dust extraction gear and plenty of easy-to-access areas in the top to accommodate the most commonly used items such as various abrasive grades or polishing bottles and pads. Mirka has also included storage frames to conveniently hang sanders when not in use, and space for three vacuum hoses. Two drawers and a locker provide additional storage for items such as tools or additional consumable products.

Once set up for the required task, the trolley provides a tidy and organised platform that can be wheeled from job to job, where it’s always ready for use. PPG said given the potential efficiency gains offered, the trolley quickly provides a return on investment.

“Being prepared and well organised is recognised as one of the keys to reaping the benefits of a truly efficient working environment,” said PPG. “This includes having tools, equipment, and consumable products immediately at hand so that staff can get on with the job without the need to waste time or leave their workspace. This simple but very effective concept is at the design core of the new Mirka Solutions Trolley.”

The trolley is available from authorised Mirka distributors across Australia.