Mirka Introduces New Pneumatic Belt Sander

Mirka has released a new pneumatic belt sander designed to perform a variety of tasks such as grinding weld marks and seams, rust removal, paint removal, and general grinding, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.

Available in 10-millimetre and 13-millimetre widths, the sander features strong adjustment features such as the ability to change belts quickly and easily thanks to an intelligently designed tension arm mechanism. Smooth speed control is possible due to an easy-to-operate regulator that requires no tools, while using the hex key for making angle adjustments is easy and always at hand as it is integrated into the tool handle.

Mirka said the tool has low vibration, low noise levels, a rubber-coated handle to prevent it getting cold, and an innovative design to make it comfortable for the operator to hold.

The company has also released a selection of Mirkon belts to fit the sander. Available in P40, P60, and P80 grits in 10-millimetre and 13-millimetre widths, Mirka says the tough and durable belts are perfectly suited to aggressive machine sanding of metal.

The new sander and Mirkon belt are now available from your authorised Mirka distributor.