May 2024 CIECA Webinar Examines Generative AI, LLMs In Body Repair

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association’s next webinar, ‘The Fundamentals of Generative AI, Large Language Models and Implications for the Collision Industry’, will be held on 30 May 2024 at 11am USA PT. The one-hour live broadcast will feature Gaurav (Rav) Mendiratta, CEO of SocioSquares, an AI software development and online marketing firm. He is also Chief Product Officer at Propel, an SaaS company enhancing small business visibility through SEO and Google reviews.

During the presentation, Mendiratta will explore the fundamentals of generative artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting its distinctions from traditional AI models, and the recent advancements in large language models (LLMs). This will include the advent of ChatGPT, which he said has “democratised” access to these technologies.

The webinar will explore:

  • Current use cases in creative writing, coding and the collision industry
  • Future implications for artificial general intelligence (AGI) and superintelligence
  • Practical, user-friendly applications and AI products that business users can leverage to enhance their operations

CIECA said Mendiratta is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into digital solutions. Under his leadership, SocioSquares developed its first AI platform in 2015, leveraging natural language processing and machine learning.

Recognised for his contributions to the field, Mendiratta was honoured with the ‘Top Artificial Intelligence Voice’ influencer badge on LinkedIn as part of its Community Top Voice Program.

He is committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and technologists, having spoken at institutions such as Drexel University, IIM Bangalore, The Engineering School, and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Previously, Mendiratta was a principal engineer at Comcast’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications from Barkatullah University, India, and a Master of Science in Telecommunications & Networking from the University of Pennsylvania.

Register for the May CIECA webinar here.