‘Limitless’ Named as PPG’s 2024 Colour Of The Year

PPG has announced ‘Limitless’ (PPG1091-3) as its 2024 Colour of the Year, a contemporary honey beige shade that the company says offers infinite design and styling possibilities for residential and commercial interiors and exteriors, consumer products, and industrial applications.

“Subdued, sophisticated, and calming, Limitless reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards warmer, less saturated colours for everything from automobiles to architectural elements,” said PPG.

The company’s global colour experts also curated a colour palette of more than 40 complementary hues, organised in three distinct colour palettes or “volumes”. The first features soft, grounded colours; the second includes earthy greens, florals and “energising” blues; and the third is a “beautiful mix of playful and dramatic” colours.

According to PPG, when combined with colours from these palettes, Limitless feels “very warm and soothing, yet also highly curated and elegant”, adding that together, the collection “tells the overarching story of how cultural undercurrents are shifting toward optimism, creativity, and introspection”.

PPG said Limitless works with warm and cool tones such as shaded whites, delicate pastels, earthy neutrals, softened jewel tones, and bold, bright hues. The colour also pairs well with popular black and brass metal tones, and silver and bronze finishes.

“Around the globe, we’re seeing a movement from cooler, deeply saturated tones to lighter, warmer shades of reds, yellows and beiges,” said Vanessa Peterson, PPG Global Color Styling Leader, Industrial Coatings. “For product designers looking to differentiate and embrace trending, mellow shades, Limitless has endless applications to lend an air of modernity, leaning from polished to playful.”

PPG said colour forecasting is a comprehensive process, covering a wide range of end-use segments and regions. To create the 2024 collection, PPG’s colour styling team evaluated social, cultural, and political dynamics influencing trends in every region of the world.

“What we found through our annual workshop was an eagerness amongst consumers to find comfort amid the chaotic world, a willingness to break free of convention, and a growing focus on creativity, well-being, and fulfillment,” said Ashley McCollum, PPG Marketing Manager And Global Color Expert, Architectural Coatings. “From a colour perspective, these sentiments are cultivating a fondness for stabilising, calming colours with feel-good vibes.”