Latest Falsified Data By Toyota Subsidiary Shakes Very Foundations Of The Company

Shipments of some of the world’s most popular diesel models have been suspended after an investigation found that Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) fabricated performance data on diesel engines it developed and manufactured for Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

An investigation revealed that power output data was inflated for engines used in 10 Toyota models sold globally, including LandCruiser 300 and Prado, HiLux, HiAce, and Fortuner.

“Based on the results of the investigation, TICO decided today [29 January] to temporarily suspend shipments of the affected engines. Toyota has also decided to temporarily suspend shipments of vehicles equipped with the affected engines,” said TMC. “Going forward, we will provide detailed explanations to the authorities and promptly proceed with appropriate measures, including conducting testing in the presence of witnesses if appropriate.”

The scandal erupted when a committee investigating potential irregularities with domestic emissions certification of engines for forklifts and construction machinery found manipulated performance data relating to the certification of three diesel engines developed by TICO for use in Toyota vehicles.

TMC said that during certification testing, the power output performance of the engines was measured using ECUs with software that differed from that used in mass production, meaning the results could appear better than they were.

“We have reverified the mass-produced products manufactured at the plant and confirmed that the affected engines and vehicles meet engine performance output standards. Therefore, there is no need to stop using the affected engines or vehicles,” TMC said.

“However, we deeply apologise to our customers who have been supporting affected vehicles and waiting for a long time, and also to all other stakeholders for the significant inconvenience and concern that this has caused.

“Furthermore, as the commissioner of these tests, we regret that we were not sufficiently attentive and aware of the fact that the procedures were not carried out in accordance with laws and regulations,” TMC added.

The news closely follows another group scandal, with Toyota-owned Daihatsu revealing in December 2023 that it had closed all four of its plants until the end of January after admitting it had manipulated safety tests on 64 models over three decades.

Toyota was again forced to apologise. “Toyota Motor Corporation would like to take this opportunity to once again express its sincere apologies to all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and dealers, for the inconvenience and concern that it has caused as a result of the procedural irregularities committed by Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd.”