Lamborghini Introduces New Paint Shop

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Lamborghini inaugurated its new paint shop for the Urus SUV in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The company says its cutting-edge plant is inspired by its Factory 4.0 model in combining craftsmanship and digitisation, and is the first in the world to integrate “new frontiers of artificial intelligence”. It’s also first to be equipped with artificial intelligence able to recognise priorities and programme processes.

The intelligent system maintains a memory of each process carried out, calculates the time needed for each vehicle, and “learns” to programme the subsequent steps based on past experience, for example, the quantity of a particular colour needed to paint a vehicle.

With the new paint shop, Lamborghini says it can offer its customers infinite colour options. The colours are divided into four types: standard, special, matte, and “Ad Personam”.

Through the Ad Personam programme, customers can not only choose to personalise their car with the colours and graphics they prefer, but can also create their own unique and special colour, as in a true work of art.