KECO Reveals Bolstered GPR Product Offering At SEMA Show 2023

Glue Pull Repair (GPR) tools and solutions provider KECO Body Repair Products unveiled a complete line of new GPR systems at the SEMA Show 2023.

The L2E GPR Collision System is KECO’s flagship – the “complete work-cell” that helps technicians and body shops make clean and efficient repairs while increasing throughput. The L2E will be complimented by a complete lineup of GPR systems and tools designed to meet the needs of technicians looking to correct damage “from roughout to a flat finish”.

KECO’s L2E (Compact) GPR System is built on the company’s understanding of the challenges of limited space in busy body shops. It contains all the tools, tabs, and modularity of the L2E, but sits on a smaller 18-inch cart to save space.

The GPR+ System complements the L2E when technicians are looking to correct sharper and more complex damage. According to KECO, the system increases a technician’s ability to repair challenging damage with precision and efficiency, elevating their repair capabilities.

The Technician Companion System is designed to augment an L2E while providing a mid-range or common repair capability. It offers technicians a versatile satellite GPR toolset on an 18-inch cart for mobility.

KECO’s RoughOut System is ideal for tackling larger damage, ensuring a faster and more efficient repair process, while the Finish System is designed for smaller flat finish repairs and detail dents.

“With the introduction of our new GPR Systems and many other products at SEMA, KECO Body Repair Products continues our passion to bring innovative solutions to the automotive repair industry,” said Chris White, President of KECO Body Repair Products. “Our commitment to developing tools that enhance the capabilities of technicians and improve overall repair quality is evident in these new systems.”