Kaeser Compressors Details New Sigma Air Manager 4.0

Kaeser Compressors says its Sigma Air Manager (SAM) 4.0 compressed air management system has been continuously developed and enhanced since it was launched in 2001. Some 20 years later, the latest developments are now allowing end users to tap into the future of intelligent control.

According to Kaeser, SAM 4.0 connects every component within the compressed air station via the secure, IP-based Kaeser Sigma Network and forwards the data to mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. SAM 4.0 is an advanced master controller that can coordinate operation of multiple compressors, dryers, and filters with exceptional efficiency. This provides comprehensive and remote station monitoring, in addition to enabling operating data to be integrated into existing control technology. Flexible interface modules ensure easy, on-site, plug-and-play connection for a continued overview of the production process.

“Today, master controllers are expected to do far more than just take care of demand-oriented compressor operation. Efficiency is playing an ever-increasing role,” Kaeser said. “The days of rigid, inflexible rules are over. Fixed switching sequences can no longer be implemented in an energy-optimised manner to meet ever-changing demand requirements, as every fixed rule in an algorithm limits the controller’s flexibility and reduces its degree of freedom to act.

“By monitoring and recording past compressed air consumption patterns, projections for future demand can be derived. On the basis of this demand projection, the technical conditions of the components and the learned knowledge regarding the system and its behaviour, the patented simulation-based optimisation process is used to anticipate the most efficient switching operations. Decisions are therefore no longer dictated by a narrow pressure band that must be adhered to. Rather, they are determined exclusively by the pursuit of achieving the lowest possible compressed air production costs, whilst maintaining the specified demand pressure and maximum pressure.”

The company said compressed air station digitalisation enhances energy efficiency and increases reliability. As all station components are in constant communication with one another, any performance deviations can be detected at an early stage and addressed.

To simplify system maintenance, the SAM 4.0 menu has been expanded to include a ‘maintenance’ section, allowing users to view the maintenance hour counters for the compressors. Counter readings can be called up live or sent via an automatically generated report, facilitating predictive and convenient planning of maintenance tasks.

Additionally, Kaeser said SAM 4.0 always loads compressors within a maintenance group evenly, ensuring maintenance hours for corresponding systems are evenly distributed. This means maintenance can be performed on these systems on the same day, or as one job, limiting downtime.

When SAM 4.0 is connected to the Kaeser Sigma Network, the Sigma Smart Air service package can be accessed. Providing operating, service, and energy data for the entire compressed air system in real-time allows for needs-based preventive maintenance and service. Kaeser said this ensures maximum dependability, reduced downtime, and increased efficiency, saving time and money.

“The SAM 4.0 has an easy to read 12-inch colour display and a durable, easy-to-use touchscreen,” Kaeser said. “Exceptionally user-friendly, it supports 34 languages. A simple software upgrade allows expansion of the master controller without the need for additional investment into new hardware. So, where the SAM 4.0 may have been initially capable of controlling only up to four compressors, it can be updated to control up to eight or even sixteen compressors.”

For more information, visit au.kaeser.com or phone 1800 640 611.