June 2024 CIECA Webinar Delves Into Data And Information Protection

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association’s next webinar, ‘What the Collision Industry Needs to Know About the Unauthorized Use of Its Information & Data’, will be held on 27 June 2024 at 11am USA PT. The one-hour live broadcast will feature Pete Tagliapietra, Managing Director of DataTouch, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider to the collision repair industry.

During the presentation, Mendiratta will explore the fundamentals of generative artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting its distinctions from traditional AI models, and the recent advancements in large language models (LLMs). This will include the advent of ChatGPT, which he said has “democratised” access to these technologies.

The webinar will cover:

  • How body shop collision repair estimate information is obtained by third-party companies in the supply chain
  • What industry third-party verticals are obtaining this information and generating revenue from it
  • The primary purchasers of the data and for what purpose
  • How government legislation is trying to intervene and control the information that is being nefariously sold for profit
  • What shops can do to protect customer information and repair data

Tagliapietra established DataTouch in 2022. The business focuses on helping collision repair shops securely manage and control customers’ personally identifiable information and protect estimate repair information from being misappropriated (sold) by third-party companies in the collision repair industry. Since being established, DataTouch has launched VINAnonymize, Data Pump Manager, Data Analyzer and Data Auditor.

According to CIECA, Tagliapietra has served in various positions that have aligned with the industry he is currently associated with, including repair, insurance and information technology, throughout his career. He has been active in several industry associations including CIECA, the Collision Industry Conference (CIC), I-CAR, and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS).

Register for the June CIECA webinar here.