Junair’s “Revolutionary” eBooth Coming To Australia, Reduces Emissions And Energy Usage

Junair Spraybooths is bringing its eBooth to the Australian refinishing market. Described by Junair as “a game-changer that has transformed the automotive refinishing industry in Europe since 2021”, the eBooth combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to sustainability, offering Australian body shops an unprecedented opportunity to enhance efficiency, quality, and environmental responsibility.

The eBooth builds on the foundation of the Junair 5 Series booth, integrating advanced features that the company describes as setting it apart from traditional spray booths.

At its core, the eBooth replaces the conventional direct-fired gas burner with an electric air heater, delivering precise temperature control while reducing energy consumption and emissions.

The eBooth suite of energy-saving and productivity-enhancing technologies includes:

  • Variable Airflow Technology: Adjusts airflow dynamically to match job requirements, optimising energy use.
  • FS (fuel saver) mode: Recirculates air when full exhaust is not needed, conserving energy.
  • QADs: Accelerates drying times, enhancing throughput and reducing bottlenecks.
  • iSystem3: Controls and automates all energy-saving and productivity-enhancing technologies for precise management of booth conditions.
  • Heat recovery system: Recaptures and reuses heat energy, significantly lowering operational costs.
  • LEVAC and EVAC floor systems: Ensure optimal airflow and contamination control, contributing to superior finish quality.

According to Junair, having been extensively used in Europe, the eBooth has demonstrated reliability and effectiveness in various operational environments. “Its proven performance provides Australian body shops with the assurance of investing in a technology that meets and exceeds industry standards,” the company said.

“The eBooth’s design aligns with the net zero carbon policies adopted by major OEMs and insurance companies, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility. By investing in an eBooth, Australian body shops can stay ahead of the competition and meet stringent environmental standards.”

Junair said the eBooth is a forward-thinking investment for any body shop looking to maintain a competitive edge, with the booth’s modular design allowing for easy upgrades and customisation, ensuring it can adapt to evolving industry needs.

“For those savvy business owners who have already invested in a Junair 5 Series booth, the good news is that they can upgrade it to an eBooth, enhancing their capabilities over time,” the company added.