Ionstar Anti-Static Gun Now Available In Australia From Axalta

Axalta Coating Systems has partnered with German-based Hermann Innovations to bring Ionstar anti-static technology to Australia and New Zealand. Axalta said the alliance reflects its commitment to making vehicle repairs more efficient, sustainable, and profitable for its customers.

The Ionstar anti-static gun, designed to neutralise static electricity during refinishing, contains patented fibre-optic technology. The gun prevents dust, lint and other impurities from sticking to surfaces through its deionising process, helping achieve a clean, “perfect” paint result.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring the Ionstar anti-static gun to the local market,” said Paul Polverino, National Training Manager at Axalta. “This exemplifies our commitment to providing high quality, innovative solutions to some of the common problems encountered by customers.”

The lightweight, easy-to-use gun uses compressed air to drive an integrated turbine generator and produce electrical energy. This energy powers an ionisation process, providing a range of benefits for technicians including reduced rework and improved process reliability.

The gun needs no batteries, power cables or recharging of any kind as it generates its own power inside the device during use. It also comes with an anti-static special hose and wall-mountable box.

Static electricity is a common phenomenon that occurs when an imbalance of electric charges builds up on the surface of an object. Axalta said that while it is often associated with friction between two materials, static electricity can also manifest in the air.

For vehicle refinishers, the presence of static charge on panels, particularly plastic, means those panels are far more susceptible to attracting dust and lint particles, as well as leading to poor orientation of metallics in basecoat colours. This can be problematic when blending or trying to achieve a perfect colour match.

The Ionstar anti-static gun is available through Axalta’s distributor network. For more information, call Axalta on 1800 292 582.