Indasa Reveals E-Series Pro X Power Tools

The Indasa group has launched the E-Series Pro X professional range of sanding and polishing tools. According to Indasa, Pro X power tools were developed to help trade professionals create the perfect finish, with advanced innovative technology and robust design maximising sanding performance.

“Built with precision and efficiency in mind, this cutting-edge line of power tools is designed to elevate the work of trade professionals to new levels of excellence,” said Indasa, adding that each tool in the Pro X range is rigorously tested and designed, delivering “remarkable” power, precision, and durability.

“We acknowledge that in many cases, the responsibility for preparation lies with the person producing the finish,” said Andrew Tindall, Group Commercial Director of Indasa. “Having the best possible equipment has never been so critical. We’re not just offering tools; we’re offering a new standard of excellence that professionals can rely on.”

According to Indasa, the Pro X range is set to redefine the way professionals approach their projects. Smart features, intuitive controls, and ergonomic designs streamline workflows, minimise downtime, and optimise overall efficiency.

“Pro X will be a game-changer,” said Humberto Placido, Group Technical Manager at Indasa. “With the tools’ innovative features, unparalleled performance, and dedication to quality, this range will not only meet needs but also elevate output.”

The E-Series Pro XS sander 150-3/5 is a high-power and low-maintenance 400W brushless motor electric sander, available in three- and five-millimetre orbits. It features an ergonomic design, mechanical speed dial for sustained and controllable speed, and a pad brake for safety.

The E-Series Pro XP random orbital polisher 125-15 is a hologram-free-finish random orbital action polisher. It has a rubber ergonomic design for maximum comfort, soft start, mechanical speed dial for sustained and controllable speed, and a clear RPM range to identify suitable speeds.

The E-Series Pro X smart repair kit is a multi-purpose machine ideal for spot sanding and polishing small repairs. It is cordless, features a quick change system to alternate from rotary to eccentric action, and an LED speed indicator that displays different working levels.

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