IBIS Middle East 2024 Addresses Emerging Challenges In Body Repair

The IBIS Middle East 2024 conference attracted experts and industry pioneers from across the globe to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, with the event hosting insightful discussions on sustainability, especially in the wake of COP28 and the sector’s strides toward Saudi Vision 2030.

The sessions addressed a host of business and technical innovations, ranging from global body shop practices to OEM strategies that shape the industry’s future.

The morning began by emphasising the industry’s shared duty to foster a sustainable environment. The session, featuring Raya Makawi from 3M, Adam Ridgway from One Moto Technologies, and Stephen Louis from Axalta, laid the groundwork for the day’s theme: Transforming Tomorrow Together.

According to IBIS, the TV-style ‘Embracing Change’ segment stood out, revealing success secrets and transformative strategies to body shop owners worldwide. The discussion on topics such as pricing models and technological hesitancy resonated with the audience, with an ‘open mic’ exchange reflecting industry opinion.

After the lunch break, the ‘Insurer Innovation’ panel opened with a keynote presentation from Frederik Bisbjerg, Head of MENA and Digital Transformation specialist with The Digital Insurer, who spoke about the digital transformation of insurance, prompting debate on the impact of AI. Similarly, the ‘Tomorrow’s World Today’ panel also gave a glimpse into the future, exploring technologies revolutionising operational efficiency.

The event culminated with a forward-looking debate on the question ‘What Does Good Look Like in the Region?’, a collaborative, visionary session for 2030.

IBIS said the event closed with a reaffirmation of the community’s commitment to elevate safety, skills, and standards, leaving attendees inspired to steer the industry towards a unified vision.

“Each interaction, whether during coffee breaks or networking lunches, was an opportunity to foster connections that extend beyond the event’s horizon,” said IBIS. “As delegates dispersed, the air buzzed with the promise of innovation, collaboration, and transformation, earmarking another milestone year for IBIS Middle East.

“As we draw the curtains on a successful IBIS Middle East 2024 event, the journey of innovation and excellence in the collision repair industry continues.”