IBIS Announces New Theme For 2023

International conference and networking provider IBIS – the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium – has announced that ‘Sustainable Strategies for Success’ will be the new theme for its 2023 calendar of automotive collision repair industry events.

Traditionally, each IBIS event is branded with a theme capturing the market status quo, reflecting the brand’s mission and promise to the industry. Examples of recent themes include ‘Embracing Transformation’, ‘Passion for Progress’, ‘Surviving to Thriving’, and ‘Strength Through Collaboration’.

Under the new theme, IBIS 2023 conferences will continue seeking answers to key questions about the present and future of the automotive collision repair industry, placing special emphasis on approaches that can secure sustainable solutions to challenges encountered along the way.

An “ardent champion” of safety, skills, and standards” in all sectors and markets, IBIS pledges, with its new theme, to further reinforce these three pillars with an increased focus on sustainability, talent acquisition, diversity, and profitability.

“2022 was a heart-warming experience for the IBIS team,” said IBIS CEO Jason Moseley. “To see our industry partners, friends, and colleagues rally around our reinstated physical global programme was immense. To also celebrate more than 20 years of IBIS, finally, was quite emotional. For 2023, we are changing up a gear again and our new theme focuses on the sustainability of our industry in talent, economic outcomes, supply chains, and further building the very best global relationships – this is at the core of IBIS. I can’t wait to get up and running as a worldwide IBIS family in the next year.”

IBIS has so far announced five events for 2023, including IBIS Middle East on 7 to 8 February, IBIS APAC in March, IBIS USA on 19 to 21 April, IBIS Global Summit on 28 to 30 June in Milan, and IBIS Latin America in July.

IBIS completed six simulcasts and five in-person conferences under its 2021-22 theme ‘Ready. Steady. Grow.’, which continued through and beyond the pandemic era.

“Amid the most disruptive changes in our economic, political, and social landscape in decades, IBIS embraced innovation to bring together communities of interest safely and efficiently through its IBISConnect simulcasts,” the company said.

‘Ready. Steady. Grow.’ concludes at the new IBIS Bahrain National Forum on 23 November 2022.