IAG Presents Auto Industry Scholarship Award

IAG has teamed up with AAPR’s Auto Industry team to recognise and assist automotive repair businesses that support the collision repair industry and employ apprentices.

As a result, IAG presented the AAPR Auto Scholarship Award to Cessnock Smash Repairs and its apprentice, Matt Brandt, the first winners of the award.

“This Auto scholarships programme provides a unique platform and opportunity to support the collision repair industry, that aligns to IAG’s vision,” said Troy Johns, Specialist – Industry Relations at IAG. “AAPR’s Auto Scholarship programme, supported by WorldSkills Australia, SAPE and other key industry stakeholders, reflects our focus on supporting emerging talents, the future of vehicle repairs and the rapidly changing technology in the modern motor vehicle. It is exciting and a great pleasure to congratulate our first recipient, Cessnock Smash Repairs and their apprentice Matt Brandt.”

Cessnock Smash Repairs is a family-based business that has been operating for over 30 years, run by Greg and Jennifer Gearing, supported by their two daughters and many long-standing employees.

“We have great pleasure in accepting this award from Troy and would like to thank the local Newcastle team from IAG, Greg Preston [from] AAPR, Ian Vickery [from] WorldSkills Australia, Adam McDonald [from] TAFE NSW Glendale campus and a special thanks to Beau Knowles from Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment, which supplied and contributed to this award with a GYS induction system,” said Jennifer. “This will complement our high standards in auto repairs using innovative equipment which benefits our whole team and our customers.”