IAG Motor Repair Network Achieves 97.2 Per Cent Quality Rating In FY 2021-2022

IAG has released its Quality Report 2021-22. It shows an average repair quality score of 97.2 per cent, which was derived from 1389 quality issues identified during the 54,688 motor repair quality inspections the company conducted during the 2021-2022 financial year.

According to IAG, the result underscores its dedication to providing customers with the best possible claims experience by ensuring motor and property repairs meet its quality and safety standards. The company said it works with its repairers to rectify issues identified during inspections.

Luke Gallagher, IAG Executive General Manager Direct Claims, said the easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions over the past financial year allowed the company to increase the number of inspections conducted across its national motor and property repair networks.

“The past few years of the pandemic have provided a range of challenges, but our investments in the latest digital technology and innovations, such as virtual property assessing, have allowed us to maintain our focus on providing quality, safe, and efficient repairs for our customers in line with our Quality Plan,” said Gallagher.

This year’s Quality Report also included the role of IAG’s Motorserve Assessment Centres in its Motor Repair Model, which the company said provides customers with the “smoothest possible repair experience”. IAG added that it is also complemented by its genuine parts policy and lifetime guarantee on repairs it authorises.

“Our customers can have confidence that our focus on quality, safety, and continuous improvement will continue to grow with our dedication to providing people and businesses with the best possible claim experience,” said Gallagher.