I-CAR USA To Launch App For Repairability Technical Support

I-CAR in the United States is set to release an app version of its Repairability Technical Support (RTS) platform to give technicians easier access to OEM partial part replacement and calibration requirements, technical news, and industry best practices.

Scott VanHulle, Repairability Technical Support and OEM Technical Relations Manager at I-CAR, said the app will have more features and functions than the existing website version and provide easier access for technicians.

RTS is commonly used to determine when ADAS calibrations are required, such as after a camera’s position is disturbed or a sensor replaced. Technicians also use the platform to access structural repair information and electric vehicle disconnection procedures. New OEM information such as repair procedures normally updated to the website will also be included in the app.

Additionally, a new feature – the ability to search by VIN rather than just make, model, and year – will be added to the app and website.

“We’ve done thousands of hours of research for you to help you,” VanHulle said. “We want people to utilise that and get those cars fixed correctly.”

The basic information available on the website without a login will also be accessible on the app, while data requiring a log-in can be obtained by using a technician’s training I-CAR ID.

The app will prioritise questions from technicians that I-CAR can readily answer, with the organisation to contact vehicle manufacturers with other enquiries as required.

While an exact repair procedure may not be available, VanHulle said the platform will provide step-by-step directions on how to find existing information.