I-CAR Offers Free Welding Course To Hands-On Skills Development Participants

To support collision repair industry technicians in upskilling their welding knowledge and experience, I-CAR Australia is offering a complimentary welding equipment online course with every paid registration to its Hands-On Skills Development course.

With technology ever evolving, I-CAR said welding has a significant impact on the longevity and safety of a repair. According to I-CAR, ongoing practice and training ensures techniques and repairs are maintained at the highest level.

“The best place to start when inspecting a weld is to conduct a visual inspection,” I-CAR said. “The full breadth of this step is critical. Whilst something may look fine on the surface, looks can be deceiving. Panel fit-up, flange preparation, and weld penetration are all items that [should] be a part of the visual inspection and can give an indication on the quality of a weld.”

According to I-CAR, destructive testing provides another way to examine the quality of a weld and is a crucial step in the repair process.

“Destructive testing is done by tearing and twisting the test weld to show if a proper weld has been created. One destructive testing method is the macro etch test, a technique that tests a weld by revealing the structure of the base material and weld. Different acid-based solutions are applied to a polished cut sample, as the profile of the weld needs to be exposed. The boundaries of the base metal and weld become visible once a sample has been etched, and visual inspections at this point can reveal additional details about the weld,” I-CAR said.

The complimentary welding equipment course offer is valid until 30 June 2022. For more information, contact I-CAR Australia on 07 3219 9088 or email [email protected].