I-CAR Gold Class For Simmos Accident Repair Centre

I-CAR Gold Class For Simmos Accident Repair Centre

Simmos Accident Repair Centre in Byron Bay, NSW is the latest body shop to receive I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

I-CAR says the company is a well-known and respected business in the Byron Bay area. Over the past 12 months, Simmos committed to achieving Gold Class accreditation to further build its reputation within the industry.

“The pledge by Simmos to continue training after accreditation is something that all our Gold Class repairers have undertaken because they recognise the value and importance of training to meet the ongoing technological advancements and changing demands of the collision repair industry,” said Gary Wood, Gold Class Coordinator at I-CAR Australia.

Along with participating in various online courses, I-CAR says Simmos takes advantage of the organisation’s training alliance with Axalta to deliver product specific training to staff members. Additionally, Simmos’ structural technicians complete steel and aluminium welding certifications as part of the Tesla-Approved Body Shop programme requirements.

“Simmos Accident Repair Centre would like to thank the team at I-CAR for helping us on our journey to achieving Gold status,” said Simmos Business Manager Tony Dimmick. “The whole team has benefited from doing the courses and we look forward to doing more in the future. The ability to do the courses as a group online made the whole process quick and easy.”