I-CAR Awards Gold Class Insurer Status To Youi

I-CAR Australia has awarded Youi with Gold Class Insurer status.

Jol Platt, Category Manager at Youi, said the company is committed to building trust with customers via its continuing relationship with I-CAR, investing in people and building on current achievements, ensuring assessing staff keep pace with vehicle technology and industry tools.

“Youi is very proud to have achieved Gold Class Insurer status off the back of our dedicated assessors completing their Platinum Individual accreditations,” Platt said. “Their hard work not only benefits the individuals who have upskilled or refreshed a wide range of industry topics, [but also] the benefits are passed on to our customers having peace of mind that the correct vehicle methodology decisions are backed by sound knowledge, logic, and process.”

I-CAR’s Gary Wood said Youi has shown a strong commitment to technical training.

“The training that their assessing team have completed is the highest level of technical training within the industry and will enhance their existing skills, knowledge and expertise,” Wood said. “This will ensure the correct methods of repair are authorised on all members vehicles guaranteeing the ongoing safety of the motoring public.”