I-CAR Announces Tasmania’s First Gold Class Repairer – Finn’s Bodyworks

I-CAR Announces Tasmania's First Gold Class Repairer - Finn's Bodyworks

I-CAR Australia has awarded Gold Class Collision Status to its first Tasmanian body repairer, Finn’s Bodyworks in Launceston.

Rob Atkinson, Manager of Finn’s Bodyworks, said the business entered the Road to Gold programme to ensure it is up to date with information and to provide its technicians with ongoing training throughout their careers.

“We did a combination of all the training delivery methods with each one having its own benefits, but overall, we found the online virtual classroom method was the easiest to work with in a busy workshop,” Atkinson said. “Two of our staff also completed a Greenbelt course with PPG through the Industry Training Alliance that has been very beneficial as they have been able to pass on the knowledge and new skills to the rest of the workshop.

“The most rewarding aspect of our Road to Gold programme was definitely working as a team through the training since it was a huge achievement for all that participated. Each time a technician received the Platinum Individual accreditation, it was cause for a small celebration and we would present the certificates at our staff meetings.”

I-CAR congratulated Finn’s Bodyworks on its commitment to become Tasmania’s first I-CAR Gold Class repairer.

“The number of Gold Class businesses around the country continues to grow, reflecting the positive attitude towards the ongoing changes within our industry,” I-CAR said in a statement. “The I-CAR Gold Class certification will ensure the entire staff of Finns Bodyworks are trained to the highest level within the collision repair sector and are well placed to deal with the challenges ahead.”