I-CAR Australia Launches The I-CAR Professional Development Program

In 2019, I-CAR will begin the implementation of transforming its delivery, recognition and certification of training in response to the ever-changing needs of the modern collision repair industry. The increasing impact of technology, the importance of OEM procedures and changing business needs has resulted in a need for I-CAR Australia to assist the industry in acquiring relevant skills and knowledge.

Over the past two years I-CAR has engaged with and listened to collision repair industry stakeholders, both locally and internationally to ensure that the future training we provide is relevant, sustainable, responsible and affordable. This has resulted in a better programme that will identify knowledge and recognise skills and competencies for career development and progression.

The changes to take place will not affect current training accreditations, certifications or those actively on the Road to Gold. Over the coming months there will be additional announcements made regarding these changes to the I-CAR programme.

The enhancements will include an emphasis on expanding our training delivery to include Live Classroom, Virtual training and On-line training. In addition, new Hands-On Skills training courses will be released as well as a new Aluminium Welding Certification to complement our current Steel Welding Certification.

The upcoming changes will strengthen the value of the Platinum Individual and the Gold Class Professionals designations by ensuring that individuals and businesses are recognised for having the training required to perform in current as well as new specific roles in the collision repair and claims process. The changes to our Welding Certification programmes will bring them into better alignment with OEM requirements internationally and form part of a planned development pathway for structural technicians.

This change process will take 18 months to complete and will deliver a training and skills recognition programme for the Australian collision repair industry that places our technicians among the most highly skilled technicians internationally.

I-Car’s website will provide all the necessary information as the programme is rolled out and will become the first source of information for all Australian collision repair industry professionals.