I-CAR AU Indicates Policy Amid Coronavirus

I-CAR Australia has confirmed its position on its training programmes as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout Australia and globally.

The new policy was communicated in a letter personally addressed to I-CAR members by Mark Czvitkovits, CEO of I-CAR Australia.

According to the letter, all face-to-face training programmes have been postponed until further notice since yesterday. The programmes affected include welding certifications, live classroom and OEM specific training. Until the complete picture of the spread of this disease is fully understood, I-CAR said it will adhere to Australian government guidelines.

I-CAR said that no new events will be scheduled until the current situation is under control and the guidelines in place around the COVID-19 impact are reduced, but it will continue offering training courses in both the virtual and online training platforms to allow businesses to fulfill their training programme requirements, including attaining or renewing Gold Class or AMBRA accreditation.

To ensure ongoing training needs can be met, I-CAR will continually update and introduce more new online courses as well as rescheduling more virtual training dates so businesses are not unduly affected. There are over 35 virtual classroom programmes and more than 22 online programmes that allow for training when and where needed.