I-CAR Announces Gold Class For Smart Repair Australia Smeaton Grange

I-CAR Australia has awarded Gold Class Collision status to Smart Repair Australia in Smeaton Grange after staff from the New South Wales site, who perform conventional panel repair, replacement, and refinishing, met the training required to achieve accreditation.  

“We are strong believers in professional development for everyone in our industry, and thankfully, I-CAR provides us with a platform to achieve this,” said Greg Elliott, General Manager of Smart Repair Australia. “As a hail and collision repairer, we found the Road to Gold training invaluable, and it has led to a better understanding and awareness of the constant need for further education in our industry.

“As they say, nothing worth having comes easy. With a national business and regular staff movements, it took us some time to get everyone to the level we wanted to achieve Gold Class accreditations for three of our sites, but I-CAR helped us all the way along. It’s great to see our people come together to learn and develop their knowledge.

Although Smart Repair Australia is primarily a hail damage repair company, having full-time designated staff members perform mainstream tasks allowed I-CAR to develop a personalised training programme that covered all aspects of conventional repair processes.

“The Smeaton Grange team at Smart Repair Australia have shown great enthusiasm and positivity throughout their Road to Gold journey and it’s fantastic to see them achieve the Gold Class accreditation,” I-CAR said.