I-CAR Announces Gold Class For SAS Smash Repairs

I-CAR Announces Gold Class For SAS Smash Repairs

SAS Smash Repairs, located in Gateshead, NSW has joined a growing number of repairers receiving I-CAR Gold Class certification.

The businesses’ owner, Ewan Jones, said that being a preferred non-drive repairer for Suncorp, it is important that staff stay up-to-date with the latest technology and repair methods.

“When Suncorp introduced us to the Road to Gold programme, we jumped at the chance to ensure that we could receive the training required to provide both quality repairs and quality service to our customers,” said Jones.

“The process was very easy for us. We self-managed the training plans for our workers with the help of I-CAR’s easy-to-read guide.

“Our greatest challenge was managing the course times with daylight savings and the conflicting time zones across Australia. We are very grateful for the help of Spies Hecker – they allowed us to give our spray painters quality one-on-one on-site training.”

Jones said the learning experience for SAS Smash Repairs with I-CAR was very positive.

“It has made our staff more confident with their knowledge and reconfirmed their abilities as repairers and painters. Our Platinum repairers had the most growth through the programme and it was terrific to watch them achieve high marks.”