I-CAR Announces Gold Class For 5 Star Panels

I-CAR Australia has awarded Gold Class Collision status to 5 Star Panels, which has sites in Tullamarine, Airport West, and Bacchus Marsh, all in Victoria.

“My staff are my biggest asset, with the growth and success of my business and repair shops depending hugely on the high level of training they received,” said Fred Sleman, owner of 5 Star Panels. “It was an easy and positive choice to sign up for the Road to Gold programme, which offered a new and intense approach to learning, while developing new skills and role-specific training for technicians.

“During the programme, my team were introduced to a new, updated, comprehensive and more accurate auto damage reporting system, new repair and procedure methods, time management systems, technical training, industry updates, safety processes and online / virtual training. The I-CAR courses were set up either in the morning or at the end of the working day in our boardroom, making it easy for the team to learn together. It has created communication, unity, and better workplace culture.

5 Star Panels, Airport West.

“All my staff members were happy to be involved in the training programme, with most of them proudly trained to the higher level and receiving the Platinum Individual Certificates. It was great to see the team effort, attendance, and interest in learning, and the opportunity to update their skills as tradespeople.”

Sleman said he highly recommends the I-CAR training programme because of its high level of role-specific training, accreditation, and insurance company transparency.

“They are industry professionals with many years of experience and insight. I appreciate the dedication and support of the I-CAR Gold Class administrative assistants and coordinators who provided information about the training platform, courses, materials, and guided us towards achieving the Gold Class status,” he added.

“We at 5 Star Panels are proud of our commitment and accomplishment to I-CAR’s Gold Class recognition which provided an added competitive edge in the challenging auto collision repair industry. We also welcome the future ongoing renewal training to keep up with all new technologies, repair techniques and methods, updates, and standards, whilst keeping our customers safe by providing quality repairs and excellent service.”

Gary Wood, I-CAR Australia Senior Technical Specialist, said 5 Star Panels “hit new heights” by having all sites attain Gold Class status simultaneously. “We understand that training takes commitment, so to see the business get behind each technician regardless of location would be very motivating for the students, and inspiring for us too,” he added.

5 Star Panels, Bacchus Marsh.