Hyundai Appoints D.H. Park Head Of Middle East And Africa Regional HQ

Hyundai Motor Company has announced the appointment of D.H. Park as its new Head of Hyundai Motor Company Middle East and Africa Regional HQ, overseeing operations across the Middle East Africa region.

“Hyundai Motor Company is a top leading global carmaker, and our product line-up maintains its spot as a leader in many of the region’s markets, supported by our extensive network of distributors,” said Park. “Thanks to the growing number of satisfied and loyal customers, we will work with our team to maintain our strong performance in this important region despite global challenges, and also in fulfilment of Hyundai Motor Company’s global vision of Progress for Humanity with Mobility, Connectivity, and Carbon Neutrality.”

Hyundai says that during his career at HMC, Park has worked in nearly every role related to marketing and sales and has “extensive” work experience in numerous countries across Canada and Australia, as well as Spain where he served as President of Hyundai Motor in the country. Later, he went back to Hyundai HQ as the Head of the Asia & MEA Group.

Park’s previous position was at Hyundai Motor in India, where he was Executive Director of Sales, Marketing, and Services. He brings over 27 years of automobile experience with global leadership roles in various positions at Hyundai Motor Company.